Goodbye Spotted Dreams

Dalmatian Rescue

Vickie and Dals 

Established in April 2001, I have placed over 60 dalmatians into loving homes.  Unfortunately, due to a lack of funding, fosters, and volunteers, I am unable to continue.  This decision has been a tremendous struggle and heartbreak for me.  I have no choice but to discontinue my organization.  I am still able to help people place their dogs into homes, but I will no longer be able to bring them into my own.  It has been a long and hard journey, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of a handful of volunteers and contributors.  

I would like to thank Jim and Maureen for generously donating money to help pay for crucial items such as veterinarian bills, food, and blankets for the dogs.  We would also like to thank Susan May who owns a Mastiff rescue.  She has offered not only help and support, but a wonderful friendship.  Shannon has helped rescue two dogs, and she has gone on home visits to make sure the dogs were being well looked after, she has also given me a wonderful friendship.  And finally, I would like to thank Melissa.  She has backed me up 100% for the last five years by helping with donation efforts, walking dogs, and keeping the website maintained for free. 

So again, to everyone who has helped me, I thank you!